The 2014 FH Global Summit – An International Meeting of Minds and Hearts

On October 13th the world’s “who’s who” in FH research and patient care convened in an oddly elongated New York City hotel meeting room. For two days the group shared novel information, spontaneous ideas, well-conceived proposals for future research, and even heart wrenching stories from a handful of brave and resilient FH patients.  Windowless room notwithstanding, leaders from the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Russia, France, Sweden, Oman and the US uniformly basked in the bliss of a mutual goal, raising awareness and improving treatment for this far too common and oft-unrecognized disease.

Some of the highlights included a one-year review of the FH Foundation’s CASCADE FH Registry. We were all pleased and proud to learn that the Registry had surpassed its forecast goal by over 30% (Actually by over 400% of a more modest prediction). We travelled the world identifying FH “Gaps Across the Globe.” During this session leaders from diverse nations compared and contrasted barriers to care, offering useful methods to hurdle such obstacles. We heard from a continuum of clinicians – internists, lipid specialists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, and gastroenterologists – as well as PhDs occupying a wide range of disciplines. To say the conference was comprehensive fails to express its exceptionality. It was a time apart from other times, a transcendent growth opportunity for all those fortunate enough to be in attendance. It will surely serve as a solid springboard for meaningful clinical collaborations throughout the next year.

In sum, the 2014 FH Global Summit was so spectacular it will be hard to surpass in 2015. However, considering the passion and energy shared by members of the FH Foundation and colleagues across the globe, I feel safe in predicting that 2015 will exceed even the extraordinariness of this year’s event.

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