Cleveland Heart Lab’s “Heart” Award

My thanks to Cleveland Heart Lab for awarding me the 2013 CHL “Heart Award”.

When Jake called to inform me that I had been selected to receive the 2013 CHL Heart Award, I was – and remain – honored and proud. Receiving such an accolade from Jake Orville and Marc Penn, two of the most industrious proponents of avant-garde cardiovascular prevention I know, validates my own CVD prevention efforts. As you all know, it is not always easy to staunchly stand for something that some “experts” decry. But it’s undeniably worth the struggle. The tools afforded me by CHL have enabled my patients to achieve far better levels of health and in so doing potentially avert adverse outcomes such as heart attacks, strokes, and even death.  The real prize therefore goes to all of you at CHL. Your genuine belief in the utility of CVD biomarkers coupled with your tireless efforts to “spread the word” have enabled doctors like me to practice the brand of medicine we believe in our heart of hearts to be the best for our patients. Thank you, the entire CHL team, for your contribution to CVD Prevention in America.

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