ConsumerLab Approval: A Brief Boast about VitalOils1000

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I make it my practice not to blog about VitalRemedyMD or any of its products, but this week demands a self-promoting shout-out. VitalRemedyMD is a company I started over ten years ago. It is now owned and operated by my wife (Laura Baum – also an MD). VitalOils1000 was created about six years back as the first and only enteric-coated fish oil pill to contain a full 1,000 mg of combined DHA and EPA. Thus, VitalOils1000 was the first omega-3 fish oil to meet the American Heart Association recommendation for individuals with cardiovascular disease in just one pill. This fact holds true even when considering prescription fish oil.

Yesterday we made the grade again. On April 6th, the preeminent watchdog of the nutritional supplement world, released their every-other-year study of omega-3 fish oil products. Once again VitalOils1000 was “approved.” This year, in addition to “proving” our purification, concentration, and quality of enteric coating, we were also tested for PCBs and Dioxins. We were one of only two products tested in this comprehensive fashion, and we “passed” this important criterion as well. Our purification process of supercritical fluid technology enables us to achieve these exceptionally high standards for safety and purity.  There is so much confusion about omega-3 products that I felt compelled to write about our continued success with VitalOils1000. Needless to say, I am very proud. Thank you for permitting me a moment to boast.

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