“Find a Doctor You Trust And Trust Him”

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A patient recently shared advice given him by his close friend (who also happens to be a physician). When my patient questioned his friend about the best way to make medical decisions in the context of today’s information-overload (which can be not only misleading but downright wrong and dangerous) he counseled him to “Find a doctor you trust and trust him.”

This philosophy may appear simplistic, superficial, or even tautological. It is not. Actually, it is brilliant in its simplicity. After all, how is anyone, doctor or layperson, to understand everything about medicine? Advances and discoveries abound. I’ve said this before – but it is certainly worth repeating, – every day hundreds if not thousands of articles are published in the medical space. It is impossible for even the most studious physician to appropriately assimilate such exhaustive data. A judicious doctor will however rigorously read the most pertinent trials and merge them into his well-established and highly-refined approach to health and illness. This approach is founded upon oftentimes decades of combined arduous education as well as invaluable clinical experience. Recognizing everything that goes into a fine physician’s decision-making process how is it remotely possible for even the most voracious reader of internet tomes to come close to the well-considered recommendations of such doctors? It is just not possible. This realty does not imply that patients shouldn’t educate themselves to become their own best advocates. They should; and in fact they must. Knowing more will help patients find those doctors they trust. But at that point patients ought to let their guard down just enough to accept the well-considered advice of their trusted physician. Without doing so, patients leave themselves wide open for not just doubt and concomitant angst, but inferior care as well.

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