Heart Month is Over but Good Habits Should Remain

woman on beachFebruary, National Heart Month, has come and gone. Hopefully you were inspired to embrace therapeutic lifestyle changes, a healthful diet and exercise regimen. If not, please do not fret. It is not too late to bring health into your life. If you did make the necessary adjustments, congratulations! You are well on the road to better health, increased happiness, and a diminished chance of experiencing the nearly inevitable for other westerners, a heart attack or stroke. The challenge now is to maintain your new-found behaviors. It is often difficult to convert lifestyle changes into permanent practices. The reality is, however, that if you do not embed these healthful modifications into your very being, you will fail to reap their rewards. So, I am writing to you this first week of March to implore you to continue in your quest for optimal health. Continue to exercise, eat well, and strive to achieve and maintain your appropriate weight. As a word of encouragement I can assure you that when you maintain your improved life behaviors for just three consecutive months you dramatically increase the chance that these changes will be yours forever. In sum, keep going. Do not despair if it’s a struggle for you now. Just keep pushing and believing that your efforts will pay off. After three months you will look back and smile, observing that you did it. You will have forever changed your life for the better. And believe it or not you will actually enjoy your daily exercise and even your better diet. So in the words of the great Nike marketers, “Just Do It”. You and your loved ones will forever appreciate this commitment to health.

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