Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Conference – a Testament to the Dedication of Healthcare Practitioners

Okay. You read the title and immediately imagined a bunch of doctors and scientists lounging on the spectacular Mexican beaches while you – if you live pretty much anywhere in the US – dig yourself out from yet another snowfall. It is true that the beach is pristine. And yes, the weather is unbeatable. But, truth be told, every speaker and attendee spent days and evenings continually holed up in a windowless conference room discussing issues ranging from exercise and diet, to Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH), to even the impact of COPD on CVD. The meeting was excellent. Great discussions, proposals for future collaborations, some colleagues reuniting while others being introduced to a new group of associates. The ACC/AHA Cholesterol and Risk Assessment Guidelines as well as the new BP Guidelines were hotly debated.

In all, it was a wonderful weekend that enabled us to exchange ideas, consider alternate approaches to our patients, and simply grow as doctors, nutritionists, and scientists. So while American Medicine continues to be a target of mostly criticism, rest assured there are many who continue to do their part to ensure the viability and continuation of truly top-notch healthcare and research.

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