National Go Red Day – February 1st

In celebration of the American Heart Association’s 10th year helping women fight heart disease through their Go Red movement, men and women across America are being asked to stand together and wear something red on February 1st. This may seem like a silly concept, but solidarity and awareness are often needed to eradicate a foe. And make no mistake about it; heart disease and stroke represent a terrible adversary for women, even more so than for men. A few frightening and light-shedding statistics are:

  • Women are 15x more likely than men to die in the year following a heart attack
  • 64% of women dying suddenly from heart disease had NO prior symptoms
  • Congestive Heart Failure in the setting of a normal pump function is much more common in women than men… and we don’t know how to effectively treat this
  • Women under 50 are 3x as likely as men to die after a heart attack or bypass surgery
  • Marriage decreases cardiovascular disease risk in men but increases it in women!
  • Risk factor scoring and “traditional” risk factors fail to adequately identify women with Cardiovascular Disease
  • And to make matters even worse, diagnostic testing for heart disease  is less accurate in women than in men

And so I believe it is only fitting for us all – men and women – to band together on February 1st and simply wear Red.

photo credit: Go Red for Women

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