September 24th is National FH Awareness Day

the FH Foundation

Join us for the FH Foundation Tweetathon @ #KnowFH 2PM EST September 24th

    • Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a genetic disorder
    • FH results in very high LDL cholesterol levels
    • FH results in a 20x increased risk of heart attack
    • FH causes premature heart disease
    • FH begins in utero (before birth)
    • FH is woefully underdiagnosed: < 10% of FH patients diagnosed in US
    • About 1 in 200 people have FH
    • FH can be diagnosed by your HCP
    • If you think you have FH, go to to learn more
    • Find an FH expert at the FH Foundation
    • Diagnosis is the first step toward treatment
    • Treatment can stop heart attacks
    • Treatments are available
    • Learn more about FH: Join us on September 24 at 2PM EST

Learn more about preventive cardiology at

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