The FH Foundation, Turning Hope into Reality

I spent Thursday and Friday in California. No, I wasn’t strolling on the beach or sipping local wines. Instead, I was engaged in strategic conversations during our FH Foundation Board of Directors Annual meeting. FH (Familial Hypercholesterolemia), as you know from prior posts, (if you don’t, please visit or see my older blogs and FH/cholesterol articles at is a common yet terribly underdiagnosed genetic disorder that elevates LDL cholesterol which in turn causes early and life-threatening heart disease. Affected patients cover a wide spectrum, having disease from before age ten to as late as 70 or 80 years old. We spent some time examining last year’s accomplishments, but more importantly we determined how to continue the process of converting dreams into reality. I’ve chosen to share this story with you for two reasons: First, FH must be conquered. Second and no less important, the Foundation epitomizes the power of a small group driven by unfettered passion, enthusiasm, and commitment.

Katherine Wilemon, the group’s founder, CEO, and tireless leader, suffered her heart attack shortly after the birth of her daughter. Though she had lifelong high cholesterol, and had experienced symptoms before the event, her genetic disease was initially unrecognized. And, in medicine, to be able to provide appropriate care we usually must know what it is we’re treating. Fortunately for Katherine – and her family –  she survived. Subsequently, wishing to turn a terrible event into a hopeful future, Katherine started the FH Foundation. That was just three years back. Since then, Katherine has not only surrounded herself with a growing group of highly effective and devoted patients, doctors, and businesspeople, she has travelled the world building awareness and interacting with every true FH expert. The FH Foundation has established a National FH Awareness Day. It has created the first and only Registry for FH patients in the US (Cascade FH). The FH Foundation spearheaded the establishment of ICD 10 codes for this disease, and it has initiated protocols to identify every single FH patient in our nation.

Our second Global FH Summit will take place this October in New York City. An array of nations will be represented. The list goes on and on. I recount this litany of achievements not to boast, but to demonstrate how the visions of an individual can burgeon, ultimately impacting the reality of so many. Coming away from two days of inspiring meetings I am certain the Foundation will continue to succeed. In short order FH will entirely emerge from the shadows. FH will become a disease on the tip of every doctor’s tongue, and consequently afflicted patients of all ages will no longer suffer and even die unnecessarily. Millions of people’s lives will be changed for the better. At the risk of being mawkish, I must state that my experience with the FH Foundation illuminated the fact that if more of us would only act with similar commitment and intention, we might just find ourselves in a peaceful and unified world. It’s a tall order I know, but the FH Foundation has given me a glimpse of the possibilities that can be born of the seemingly impossible.

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