Last week’s The Voice brought us a superb rendition of the timeless song Mad World which emotionally depicts collective adolescent angst. Mad World to me however conjures feelings about our modern world, besieged by increasing racial and ethnic strife, both of which are continually fueled by those who should instead be squelching the consuming conflagration. Writing a blog limits my ability to comprehensively analyze this issue so I will mention just two problems that clearly are being fueled by either the ignorant or the malevolent.

The first is racial division. No one can honestly deny the growth of this destructive force. Many examples could be cited and hypotheses rendered but watching the news last evening I was struck by a single worrisome observation. Apparently the upcoming senatorial elections are not only consequential, but also nail-bitingly close. So both sides are doing whatever they can to mobilize their troops to vote. It certainly makes sense to do so. What struck me though was listening to African American Democrats at all levels of power emphasize the need to mobilize the black voters. The black vote they say is nearly uniformly Democrat and therefore they must encourage them to vote. What strikes me is the notion that African Americans are being bundled into a singular stereotyped group by those Blacks currently holding elected office. Are ALL Blacks really the same? Shouldn’t Blacks be recognized to have disparate views independent of their skin color? I know Black doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists etc. Are we to believe they all hold the same political stance? The answer of course is no; they do not. Imagine if you heard the white politicians calling Whites out to vote – the notion would not only offend Blacks and Whites alike; it would also be terribly misguided. So, how do the African American politicians calling for Blacks to vote not see they are marginalizing the Black Race? If I were Black, I would be appalled by their supplications. I would also recognize their actions to foster, not fix racial divisiveness.

The second issue concerns growing Anti-Semitism. Recently a relative called me to express her concern about a bumper sticker saying “Boycott Israel”. There are so many examples of Anti-Semitism here and abroad, some restricted to verbal abuse, others physical. Let’s just look at the Boycott Israel notion. I would suggest that anyone supporting such a stance should lead by example. That would mean you couldn’t have a colonoscopy as the Israeli’s invented the camera used in that procedure. You couldn’t have a capsule endoscopy – they invented that too. If you have Multiple Sclerosis you’d probably have to abandon your medication and if you were a paraplegic you’d have to abandon your device that helps you walk. Yes, the Israeli’s invented those medical marvels too. If you like your flash drive; oops, that’s got to go; and if you like text messaging, sorry you better stop – Israeli’s again. The list of Israeli inventions is nearly endless and if you add Jewish inventions you might as well stay home and raise your own food and build your own appliances. In fact, you won’t be able to go shopping at all because a Jew invented the barcode. The point is that before you spew racial or ethnic derision, get educated. Know what you’re talking about and if what you’re saying is based solely on bigotry; try staying silent.

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