Our Next Presidential Election: This One Counts

Again I am compelled to write a political blog. Romney just selected Ryan to be his running make.  Out of curiosity, I viewed the news coverage on both CNN and Fox.  As anticipated, neither station reported the news in an unbiased fashion. Instead of simply recording the news (apparently a task too mundane for the modern reporter), both networks took the opportunity to bolster their respective and diametrically opposed positions.  I guess the days of genuine unbiased reporting are gone. No longer does there seem to be a place where people like me can turn to learn the facts in order to be able to construct well-considered viewpoints.  And so our jobs have become much more difficult.  In order to be educated to the point of being able to create valid and truth-based opinions we must turn our attention to the primary sources.  We must listen to the politicians themselves.  And we must take them at their word.  And I for one liked what I heard from Romney and Ryan.

Both Romney and Ryan vocalized issues and solutions that resonated with me and many people I know – Democrats and Republicans alike. We all agree the debt is soaring out of control. We agree that American was founded on freedom and ideals – ours was an intellectually-born nation. We agree that we are on a downward spiral and we all acknowledge the emergence of unfamiliar sentiments pervading our nation – hopelessness and despair. Never before has our nation been shrouded in a sense of imminent and seemingly immutable doom. Everyone feels this. Everyone fears this — the “left” and the “right”. Yet when we should be standing together, our nation is more divided than ever. And the divisiveness is fostered by the words of our own president, the man who was elected on his promise of unity, brotherhood, hope, and his proclaimed ability to “reach across the aisle.”  It is fruitless however to point the finger of blame here. Whether or not it is his fault is irrelevant. We are here today on the brink of disaster and if we are to re-create the prosperity and hope that was once America, we must find solutions outside of rhetoric, mudslinging, allegations, and distortions of truth. We must all stop blaming others – we must address what we face today and find solutions so our children can live in a better tomorrow. So how do we do this? I believe the solution is simple.

First, Americans must take responsibility and listen to what the candidates say. We must listen closely and we must believe that the words they utter ascend from their hearts. When Obama says, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build it. Someone else did” we can’t make excuses and claim, “out of context!”  It certainly is “out of touch with the working man” but it is definitely not “out of context”. In his statement, Obama clearly subjugates the individual. He diminishes the efforts and strengths inherent in individuality, the very foundation of our country.  Let’s never forget that it is individuals, not nations, who win Nobel prizes, write plays, throw three-pointers, and win Olympic gold medals. Although Obama is correct that “No man is an island”, it is just one man, John Donne who penned those immortal words. Being inextricably connected to one another does not negate the power of individuality. Nations are built by individuals, not the other way around.

To be “in the know” we must also read our politicians’ bills. Daunting yes, but well worth the investment. (I read Obama’s Health care bill and was stunned by some of its edicts.) We must all be open to moving beyond our traditional party limits to vote for the candidates, principles and all, not the party in which they reside. I choose not to hide my position. I yearn for the country Romney and Ryan spoke of. I want freedom, opportunity, and hope for everyone. I disagree with Mr. Obama that in order for everyone to have opportunity the rich must pay more. My grandparents came to this nation penniless and through opportunity, hard work, perseverance, strength, and innate skills they did quite well. I am proud of their accomplishments and the achievements of many others in their generation. And none of these people depended on handouts. In fact, they would have abhorred that notion. I do believe we must help those in need – the sick and helpless should be cared for. The able-bodied however must be given the skills to earn their way up the ladder of success. They should not be carried. Such a process would serve no one.

I could go on interminably it seems, and that is not the purpose of a blog. Let me end by making a simple suggestion when deciding whom to vote for in November. Listen closely to the candidates, not their advertisements, and certainly not to the all-too-biased newscasters. Listen to their carefully selected words. Vote for whomever resonates with your view of what America should look like. We all agree America must change. The question each of us needs to answer is how.

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  1. Diane Clifford August 15, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Great Blog!!!! Here are some websites to check out to get some really good information about todays issues: americanthinker.com; lucianne.com; theblaze.com; breitbart.com. Also here are a couple books that are great reading about current issues: The Amateur – Edward Klein; The Coming Insurrection – The Invisible Committee. These websites and books have changed my life and my attitude about this country and the road we are on. The insight and information available from these websites give me hope for the future but also scare me to death for what might be in store for America if we do nothing to remove the “bad apples” from the Republican & Democrat parties that have fallen into the “muck” of DC politics. The voters must change the current lack of political leadership in this Republic if we are to survive as intended by our Framers. Thank you for your insight Seth.

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