Finding the “Right Doctor” for You

Dr. Seth J. BaumAs patients, we often agonize over our choice of doctors. We read so much on the internet – much of which is conflicting information – and doctors often have too little time to help us separate the wheat from the chaff. So when facing serious – or even minor- medical decisions, we might find ourselves alone and in a quandary. To whom do we listen? Do we take the medications prescribed? Do we get second or even third opinions? Our decisions are vital to us; yet, they appear at times to be trivial to those who are caring for us.

First, let me debunk a damaging myth. Most physicians are not the careless, heartless people many paint them to be. Most physicians I’ve met (and as a frequent lecturer, I’ve met plenty) do care greatly about their patients. Also, like their patients, they feel mired in abundant and contradictory data. And they, too, feel frustrated by the insufficient time they have to spend with their patients. Despite these issues, it is paramount for patients to believe in their physicians because the doctor-patient relationship must be solid for optimal health to result. Therefore, when it comes to making decisions about your health, be sure you are in the right hands. To do so, follow this rule taught to me by one of my own patients: “Find a doctor you trust, and trust him”. At times it may be quite difficult to do, but it is most definitely achievable.

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