The Joyful Luxury of Bringing Home a Puppy

The world is under siege.  Muslim extremists in Iraq are “cleansing” the hijacked country of the world’s most ancient Christians. Men, women, and children are being slaughtered, after they’ve been tortured and raped. Jewish teenagers are being kidnapped and executed by similar extremists; people are being beheaded in city streets. These are the same missionaries of terror that pierced our false sense of security, destroying our towers and the thousands of innocents within. Our civilized world is unequivocally in peril. A return to the dark ages is at our doorstep.  Some say there is nothing to fear; it’s a minority who are at the source of this evil. Yet a minority can create catastrophic consequences. Witness the horror of Nazi Germany. And, a “minority” in the world of Muslims is likely well upwards of 200 million people. This is a minority in truth, but one demanding our unwavering attention and concern.  So how does a puppy fit in this story?

Yesterday my wife fell in love with a nine-week-old puppy. We had recently lost a dog to a sudden splenic rupture from cancer and in truth I believed it would be a long time coming before my wife would open herself up to another similar love. But I was mistaken. She informed me of her find and I immediately knew another dog would be coming home. I was sold on this notion with a simple question, “Isn’t this what life is supposed to be about?” Irrefutable. Life should be about love and puppies and the luxury and freedom to enjoy both. As a Preventive Cardiologist I couldn’t deny both the emotional and physical salutary impact of smiles and laughter engendered by the presence of a simple pup. Then I considered those in other parts of the world; Christians, Jews and non-radicalized Muslims fleeing and dying at the hands of terrorists. These individuals cannot enjoy the American luxuries of which I speak. We are a nation of fortune; but this fortune was built on the selfless sacrifices of our fathers and forefathers. Freedom is not an easy thing to gain but I fear it is quite easy to lose. Understanding this, we must be hyper-vigilant about safeguarding it. Yet its nemesis nips at our heels. Political correctness aside, when critically and honestly examining the world one must acknowledge there is but a single group that seeks to dominate all others. Yes, a minority threatens us, and most of the world abhors the actions of this minority. The minority, however, is fierce, brutal, enormous, powerful, determined, and patient. They will have their way if we do not face and stop them. If we fail, love and puppies, and other often-unappreciated freedoms will become our memories, and the dreams of future generations.

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