Foundation for Preventive and Integrative Medicine (FPIM)

The Foundation for Preventive and Integrative Medicine (FPIM) is committed to funding not only our own research projects, but credible studies performed at Universities and other institutions. By so doing we can help ascertain the value, or lack thereof, of nutritional supplements in a variety of disease states. Research in Preventive and Integrative medicine is sadly quite sparse. We hope to change this and thereby raise awareness about the multitude of potential uses of supplements that currently reside beyond the ken of the typical allopathic physician.

Our Newsletter, VitalRemedy, written by Laura Baum, MD is another means of disseminating valuable information about health and wellness. It is electronically sent to not only laypeople but thousands of healthcare practitioners as well. A frequent blog by Seth J. Baum, MD is an additional method of letting both healthcare practitioners and laypeople keep current with clinical trials that pertain to prevention and wellness. It is a resource that is fair and balanced, something that is quite hard (if not impossible) to find these days. We hope you take advantage of the newsletter, blog, and other programs initiated by FPIM.

Research and education are of course essential, but we mustn’t ignore the plight of so many who are economically disadvantaged throughout our nation and the world at large. Thus, FPIM has begun outreach programs for those in need. The first such program is Neurologic Advantages for the Socio-economically Disadvantaged, a program created to provide pregnant and lactating women with adequate omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in order to optimize the neural health of their children. This outreach was started by Kyra Baum in her junior year of high school. Already, it is providing VitalOils1000 to hundreds of such women in the United States and abroad. We welcome all contributions to this cause. All proceeds go directly to the purchase and delivery of VitalOils1000 to these women in need. Additionally, we encourage you to present us with ideas for other charitable ventures that may be dear to your heart. Through our combined efforts we are confident that we can have a significant positive impact on the lives of the less privileged.

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